Rare 1930s Dresden Plate Quilt Wrap Skirt

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A PHENOMENAL rare Dresden Plate quilt skirt in unbelievably excellent condition. I believe it was originally intended as a quilt and then converted into a garment but I have no actual proof of this. The Dresden Plate pattern is associated with the 1920s/30s era, and the fabric definitely looks to be of that time, but it could have been sewn into a skirt later in the century. There are some things about the construction that make me think it was put together in the 1930s , such as the cotton lining and the overall mastery of how it is pieced together (I adore the shape of the waistband). I would love feedback from any of you who may have special knowledge of this. Will fit a range of sizes. I personally think it would be better on someone taller and maybe more of a size medium. I am 5’5”, size XS-S and I felt like it was not quite right on me.

Waistband 37”

Each tie is approximately 32” (there is a slit in the waistband to wrap it around)

Length 43”

Width at hem is approximately 97”

Flaws: I am sort of in shock that there are no major flaws. No noticeable stains, no large tears, a few of the pieces might need a couple stitches where areas have come undone but overall INCREDIBLE shape for its age. I may be a little crazy for selling this, such a rare and unique beautiful wearable work of art.

No returns or exchanges. PLEASE ask any questions you have before purchasing 🍯✨