1850s Velvet Reticule Purse

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Incredible rare and unique green velvet bag from mid-late 1800s with melon seed "beadwork". I’ve never seen anything like this before! In very good condition for age, beading is in good shape. One of the clusters of melon seeds has fallen off. Lining is dark green cotton, looks sturdy and in good shape as well. Velvet has a little bit of staining/fading (see photos). I would suggest gently brushing the stains with a soft brush and avoiding trying to wash the bag but will leave that decision up to buyer. Black drawstring cords (2) are intact inside bag but I did not try to tighten them for fear of doing damage! This would be so beautiful in a frame or hung on the wall as a curiosity from another era. It could probably be used because the inside is in fairly good shape but it’s such a rare antique object I wouldn’t recommend it. Approx WxH is 7” x 9”.